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The capital city of Serbia.


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The client's request

The client's request was to make a sculpture of improved stainless steel in the shape of an interrupted arrow, 6.5 m high and weighing 3.5 tons with concave and convex sides in honor of the deceased Zoran Djindjic. The static calculation and generally the whole project in the Autodesk Inventor 2018 software have been arranged. A particularly challenging part of the project was the development of the developed measures of concave parts.

Case Study

The preparation of the documentation for laser cutting had to be done perfectly because we had one attempt. (The material is 3 times more expensive than usual, it comes from Sweden, it takes 3 months). The welding technique was not common because the construction was performed from broken surfaces, through channels, which had to be connected into irregular shapes. Cables for 2 microphones, 4 speakers, control box pass through the interior of the structure. The thesis is located on the lower part of the structure and the whole structure is slightly inclined. The distribution of weight and reinforcements through the use of the program allowed us to determine their exact position. According to the project, the model should be exhibited in the student square in Belgrade.