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Founded in 1975 in Bergen, Norway on the shores of the North Sea, Vestdavit takes its name from the region in which it is based, Vestlandet, and the signature product for which it is renowned, the davit.


You Should Know

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The client's request

The client's request was to make a DAVIT (cantilever carrier) to quickly eject the lifeboat from shore or from a heavy-duty ship. The conditions were for the construction to be telescopic (so that it could adapt to situations), with an adjustable length taken. Shock absorber on the pulley that absorbs the vibration of the rope. Cylinders that are dimensioned so that they can move the load around a point on a trajectory worth 4 tons.

Case Study

After all sizing, FEA calculation (Finite Element Analysis) of the structure was done, to determine that the structure meets all requirements. BOM (Bill of Materials) and technical documentation were made after the final version of the construction.