the client.


The Sunnyville Premium complex is located on a terrace that slopes towards the Danube and is one of the highest points in the area, not far from the Sunnyville complex which is already inhabited.


You Should Know

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The client's request

From the mentioned client, we received a request to take measures of the parapet of the terrace fence, on the basis of which the technical documentation for the position of the girder was further prepared.
Based on the position of the girder, the glass is dimensioned, from which the terrace fence is made.
We are proud of this project because #sunnyville is synonymous with quality and modern construction, synonymous with everything #switchco strives for.

Case Study

While the glass is being produced in the factory, meanwhile the assemblers are drilling the anchors for the girders according to the drawings. The logistics are known in advance, when the glass arrives from the factory, the layout is already known.