the client.


Startup of a medical device for testing cancer cells based on nanotechnology.


You Should Know

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The client's request

The device is made from scratch, because something like this does not yet exist on the market. The big challenge was to make parts that would be functional and adequate to the client's needs. Most of the parts are patented and I had to create an image in my head after the client explained to me what he needed, to make the piece functional and easy to make through the technology that the manufacturers have. The circuit has 6500 dal. Assemblies and subassemblies must be functional because the device is completely automated. Inside the assembly there are piezo motors that drive the whole mechanism.

Case Study

The displacement of one of these motors is 38 micrometers (0.038mm) which does not leave much room for tolerance. Through this project I had to use various knowledge in the field of engineering, 3D modeling, sheet metal, injection molding, CNC milling, 3D printing, technical documentation for custom modeling, BOM (Bill of Materials) purchase orders, suppliers, supplier order number, compatibility different materials in common, their chemical resistance to various medical solutions used in sampling. It was here that I first met the AFM (Atomic Force Microscope) and it brought me closer to how the whole device works. Working in a team of developers, electrical engineers, constant negotiations with the manufacturers of parts I design and their capabilities. I have often been in a position to work from home and rely only on a 3D circuit, when I get a task that a client requires of me to be done and delivered.